Here is how Mark Manson filters information he Reads

2 min readOct 24, 2021

the same way we must monitor our food intake to take care of our physical health, we must monitor our informational intake to take care of our mental health.

One way He recommended doing this is by creating filters for what information you expose yourself to. Much in the same way that “you are what you eat,” your thoughts are very much a product of who you read and listen to.

this is what happens to your brain if you see too much WhatsApp group, Instagram Feed

Here are some filters Mark Manson created for myself over the years:

  • “Find a handful of experts in major fields (economics, psychology, etc.) and focus primarily on information that they recommend.”
  • “As a rule, never read social media comments.”
  • “As a rule, never watch cable news.”
  • “If a piece of news is based on a study or data, look up that study or data myself, and skip the news article.”
  • there is another incredibly important filter that most of us do not think about: Time.

Ninety percent of what passes as “important” information online or in the news is basically gone and forgotten a month later.

Therefore, the same way picking and choosing who you listen to for your information can be a filter, simply waiting a certain amount of time to see if something still matters can be a useful filter as well. If people are still talking about it a month or a year later, then it probably matters. If they aren’t, then it probably doesn’t.

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